Not without irony: Is Asia the new cultural policy moment?

Lesley Alway


International cultural engagement is currently experiencing its own 'policy moment' both in Australia and internationally. This paper aims to examine the development of new thinking about best practice models for international cultural engagement and the response of Australian policy makers. The paper argues that the 'Asian century' is a key factor in the current focus on international cultural policy, but that this particular  'moment' presents certain challenges and paradoxes for government policy makers, funding agencies and the cultural sector if they are to implement more relevant and effective policies for cultural engagement with Asia. It concludes that, somewhat ironically, the emergent paradigm requires a re-evaluation and inversion of some of the assumptions and concepts derived from business and 'new public management' that underpinned many of the initiatives of the first 'cultural policy moment' of the mid-nineties.



Cultural engagement, Asia century, international cultural relations

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