Supporting Emerging Artists and the Next Generation of Australian Visual Art: A Snapshot of the Victorian Independent Visual Arts Sector 2009-2012

Christine Tipton


Melbourne has long positioned itself as the cultural capital of Australia. The achievement of this goal is dependent not only on the successful importation of artistic work from abroad, but also the development of strong arts industries and artistic practices at home. A strong non-profit independent visual art sector that supports emerging artists and innovative art practice is an essential bedrock for the sector's future health and vitality. This article provides a snapshot of the Victorian independent visual arts sector within the broader visual arts industry during the period 2009 and 2012, noting the number and location of independent visual arts organisations during this time and the services they offered for emerging artists. The analysis shows that independent visual arts organisations during this time were balancing a fine line between aspiring to serve, support and promote emerging artists and new art, and managing their operations in a financially sustainable way.



visual art; Australia; independent art sector; emerging artists

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