Kate MacNeill


This edition of the Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management emerged out of a series of events initiated through a partnership between the School of Culture and Communications, University of Melbourne and the Global Cities Research Institute, RMIT University, involved scholars from other universities, and in collaboration with the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance. Funded through the contributions from both lead institutions, an industry facing day-long symposium “Work & Life in the Creative Economy” (August 2014) brought together practitioners from across the arts and cultural industry. This was followed by a day-long publishing seminar “Precarious Labour in the Cultural Sector” (December 2014) which explored the research implications of the experiences outlined in the earlier symposium. A number of the research projects presented at the seminar were then further explored, developed as articles, submitted to peer review and now appear in this volume. While scholars shared theoretical framings for their research of precarity and the cultural and creative industries, the specific sectoral focus of each analysis provides rich and deep insights.

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