Am I An Ethical Arts Worker?

Lisa Philip-Harbutt


A few years ago whilst undertaking some research on decision-making in the arts sector, I developed a 3D matrix that plotted the diversity of my own cultural practice. The X axis was context. The Y axis was the mode. The Z axis was the intention. Since that time, I have found myself coming back repeatedly to asking myself what is the intention of my 'art making'? Exploring philosophy to try to answer this question has brought me to consider the notion of good and bad and therefore to ask: Is there a difference between Ethics and Morals? If ethics is the aim to 'do no harm' and morals guide our intention 'to do good', then how do our social decision-makers use an ethical philosophy and moral approach to influencing the construction of culture? And as arts workers, what role do we play in this chaos? This paper was first developed as a presentation with video projection. As a written paper I would encourage people to read it aloud.

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