The Professional Visual Artist in Vietnam

Annette van den Bosch


What is at stake is the future of the professional artist in Vietnam. Vietnam has many talented artists and one of the strongest visual culture traditions in South East Asia. The Faculties of Art and Design need not only the financial resources to improve their buildings and equipment but are looking for assistance to develop new curricula for both artists and designers. Existing programs do not provide artists with professional practice information and skills to establish viable careers in their own country in the 21st century or to compete in an increasingly globalised art market. Access to new technologies is available but the conceptual and pedagogic basis for its use in new media and art forms is not. The Art World can be defined to include not only artists, but gallery directors and dealers, curators and museum professionals, art writers and publishers, art collectors and audiences. At present, the art world in Vietnam which could contribute to the development of distribution and consumption of the visual arts, lacks both professional skills and finance.

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