ASEAN Culture Week: Issues in the Assessment of Regional Cultural Events

Sunitha Janamohanan


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, is an organization devoted to increasing cooperation and development between the member countries of the region. ASEAN's Culture Week, launched in 2002 and held for the second time in August 2004, is a collaborative festival of performances, art displays and cultural demonstrations. The objectives for and evaluation of Culture Week will be examined based on the proposal for the 2004 event, and press statements and media coverage of the events of both 2002 and 2004. The reasons for the staging of cooperative cultural events of this scale, and the relationship between the event, the cultural practitioners, and government officials will be analysed, revealing whether a jointly organized celebration of regional cultural diversity is merely that, or whether it can be used to achieve specific goals. The various dimensions to the event purpose will be brought to light through the process of assessment.

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