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Welcome to the second publication of the Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management. This is the first edition available by subscription only and all readers will therefore need to acquire a subscription to access it. Once you have paid the subscription, you will be sent a URL and password which will enable access to the site. In this edition, there are papers from several different places in the region and about the region, including Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Singapore and Australia. Firstly, in the academic section there is Terence Lee's paper which critiques different aspects of the development of cultural policy in Singapore, assessing the possible political, philosophical and economic impact of current approaches. Joy Scott has written from Shanghai about her observations about the differences between arts management practices between China and the West, questioning western assumptions about appropriate management practices for the arts and the transference of these to another cultural setting. Phil Callaghan has written a paper which explores the issues that confront emerging practitioners in the film, multi-media and digital area, in Australia and the challenges they face whilst trying to make a living. In the industry section Nguyen Chi Ben has written a paper from a Vietnamese perspective looking at the impact of moving from a controlled to a more market oriented economy and what this may mean for training needs in the cultural sector. Sun-man Tseng's paper from Hong Kong notes the changes that have occurred there over the past few years, particularly the release of new government policy which is likely to have an impact on the arts sector. There will be two more editions of the journal in 2004. One will focus particularly on 'cultural exchange'. If you are interested in contributing to this edition or to any other future editions, please contact us. Finally we would like to acknowledge the continued generous support we have received in establishing the journal from our industry partners, particularly Arts SA and the University of South Australia. Associate Professor Jo Caust Managing Editor Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management


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