The Long March for an appropriate cultural infrastructure for Hong Kong: Government opts for further consideration after a Three-year Study

Tseng Sun-man


The Policy Recommendation Report published by the Culture and Heritage Commission in Hong Kong in March 2003 proposed a major departure from longstanding practices dating back to British colonial days. Against a background of direct government management of cultural facilities and activities, this advisory body advocated a 'community-driven' long-term strategy for cultural development. It recommended that the government's role should gradually shift from that of an 'administrator' to that of a 'facilitator'. Whilst accepting this principle, the response of the Hong Kong Government this February has not endorsed the infrastructure proposed by the Commission to implement this strategy nor reduced its administrator role. It opts to set up advisory committees on libraries, museums and performing arts to further solicit public views. The 'Long March' for an appropriate cultural infrastructure in Hong Kong continues.

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