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Welcome to the first edition of the Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management. This journal is the result of a perceived need for a refereed publication addressing issues around arts and cultural management from the Asia Pacific Region. We intend this to be the first of many editions in the future. Our aim is to develop a critical discourse in the field relevant to this region.

The journal has a broad policy about the kind of research it would like to publish. The journal will consider contributions as long as the content focuses on the region or is relevant to the region (and not based on empirical research from elsewhere for instance). We are interested in both management research and in broader cultural policy research, as we believe it all interconnects.

In this first edition we have published an interesting spectrum of contributions. This highlights the broad range of interests that the journal will pursue, as well as the possibilities for research in the region.

We have divided the journal into two sections. One is designed for academic research conforming to academic expectations and is double blind peer reviewed. The other section focuses on industry research and manuscripts may be subject to further review.

In the academic section we begin with a paper about the development of arts policy in Singapore. This paper written by Ruth Bereson critiques the approach by the Singaporean government in encouraging arts and cultural development in Singapore, querying both the language and the intention. The second paper by Katrina Chapman reviews legal issues associated with Australian indigenous peoples' artwork demonstrating the complexity of the issues and the necessity for greater understanding and education of those involved with indigenous art. The third paper by Tara Werner discusses the interface between relationship marketing and entrepreneurial schemes in the performing arts in New Zealand.

The first paper in the industry section is by Tim Doling. In this paper he describes the development of a cultural management curricula by Visiting Arts in Vietnam over the past four years, in the context of a shift towards a market economy. The other paper in the industry section, written in a diary format by Pamela Zeplin, details personal observations about the organisation of the 2000 VIIIth Festival of Pacific Arts in New Caledonia.

All these papers give an indication of the breadth of the journal as well as demonstrating a particular regional flavour. We welcome future contributions from writers, academics, and industry practitioners in the region or those with a particular interest in issues relevant to this region. The first edition of the journal is free so that we can reach as broad an audience as possible. However future editions require a subscription for full paper access. Details about subscription are available on the site.

Finally I would like to acknowledge and thank all the people who made this first edition of the journal possible. In particular I want to thank Pearl Field, Stephen Boyle, Janene Pellarin, Kellie Jones, Lianne Gore, Lis McKenzie, Freeman Schack, all members of the editorial committee, all of the reviewers, our industry partners and of course, most of all, the contributors.

We hope you enjoy this first edition of our new journal and we look forward to receiving both your feedback and your future contributions.

Associate Professor Jo Caust

Managing Editor
Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management


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